Elan Heights Review – The Heights

The Heights - 1 Bedroom starting at $1,450 -- 2 Bedroom starting at $2,500

825 Usener St, Houston, TX 77009

Before going into details of the floor plans, I first have to show you the amenities. Elan Heights has some of the best amenities I've seen, so sit back and take a look!

The pool is located on the 4th floor, its a huge area just right in the middle of the complex.

A lounge area right outside of the pool.dsc_0196

An indoor bar in the social/common area.dsc_0199 dsc_0200

This is my favorite part. 2 story lunge room, with an amazing view of downtown. don't just take my word for it, pictures don't do it justice, go take a visit yourself!dsc_0201

the amount of space is amazing, very open.

The 2nd story lounge, over the balcony are floor to ceiling windows, giving you a wonderful view of our beautiful city.dsc_0205

Very new to the market, Elan heights is a must visit complex. The building rises 10 stories, giving you a view of the beautiful downtown Houston skyline. And the best part? It's in the heights! 

A large kitchen and dining area separate the 2 bedrooms from one another, the island has a lip for seating. The dining are can fit a large table for seating, or can be left open to expand the room even more. 


The bedroom was very unique looking, the walls made an acute angle where the window is placed. It is one of the most unique rooms I have been inside. The room is still very large, giving way for a king sized bed, a dresser, 2 nightstands and plenty of room on the walls for art.

The bathroom was big, it's laid out in no fancy way, but the space feels quite open.


Check out the rest of the photos of the one bedroom below! For more information about the Heights and its apartments follow this link to take you back to The Heights review page!