Midtown Arborplace – Houston Midtown

Midtown: 1 Bedroom starting at $1,610 -- 2 Bedroom starting at $1,560

10 Oak Court, Houston TX, 77006

A grove of trees on the street will lead you into Midtown Arbor Place, its one of Midtowns older and more established properties.
The community there is very laid back, being a bit older than the other apartments around, it has a very relaxed feel to it. It has a nice neighborhood feel to it, and doesn't try to dazzle you with being 'New'. It has its own ways to draw you in. Relaxing atmosphere, shaded roads and a quiet are make Midtown Arborplace a luxury place to live. 

Arbor Place Midtown Lobby

Hardwood floors line the bottom of the apartment and 2 large windows bring in light from the outside, one leading to the porch in the living room, the other shedding light onto the dining and kitchen area. I was lucky to go on a very sunny day. I could have turned off all the lights and still gotten great lighting for my photos!

1 bedroom apartment Midtown Houston

The kitchen isn't stainless steel like newer apartments that are popping up around Midtown, but are still very sleek and hold up to Class A apartment standards. The kitchen area is not very big, but the large dining area makes up for it. 

Midtown Arbor Place Kitchen

The floor-plan is quite large, but not as 'open' as some of the other places around midtown. It gives the apartment a cozy feel without being too claustrophobic. Also the the natural light that pours into it does make it feel a bit more open.

Houston Midtown Arbor Place living room

A top recommendation for the Midtown area. They have town-homes available as well that are priced incredibly fairly. Scroll down below to see all the photos of the property! If you are interested in other places in Midtown, follow this link to head back to the review section!